Preston protestors to join London march against Brexit

Protesters at The People's Vote March in March.

Buses full of people from Lancashire will travel down to London next week to protest against Brexit.

The groups, Preston4Europe and Preston’s People’s Vote, will be amongst an expected one million plus marching on Westminster next Saturday in objection to the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union on the October 31.

The march is organised by The People’s Vote Group who are campaigning for a second referendum. 

Shirley Harrison, 63, founder member of Preston’s People’s Vote said: “It (Brexit) will lead to extreme hardship for those in our society who have least.

“It will take years to resolve and money that should be spent on issues like global warning, tackling poverty and homelessness, care of the elderly will not be tackled as we concentrate on finding how to survive as an isolated country.”

The last protest organised by The People’s Vote Group brought an estimated one million people out on the streets of the capital in March this year, finishing with a series of speeches by politicians and campaigners in Parliament Square.

The last protest saw 150 buses travel to London from all over the country, along with thousands of people travelling by train to make their voices heard. 

The group will meet up with a wider North West anti-brexit network at the calvary memorial in central London, joining the march at Park Lane.

It is expected that the numbers may in fact grow to over a million at Saturday’s march due to it being just 12 days away from the deadline, as well as the tension and uncertainty around a no-deal growing in the past months .

Although numbers from Preston and the wider North-West region are not yet confirmed, organisers say there are a number of coaches and many expected to use trains to attend the march.

When asked about her thoughts on what Brexit would mean for her personally, Mrs Harrison said: “I am concerned for the future of my children more than myself although for me having just had a total hip replacement I can already see the strains on the NHS caused by staff shortages attributable to EU staff leaving.

“For my children I see they will lose rights which I and my generation have enjoyed since 1975.”

The march coincides with the first time the House of Commons will sit on a Saturday since the Falklands War in the 1980s.