Scam phone calls targeting UCLan Chinese students

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Credit to Pixabay

Chinese students at the University of Central Lancashire are being warned to be aware of fraudulent phones calls.

Phone scammers posing as officials claim there are important documents that are blocked from being sent at the border.  

Many students are pressurised into transferring thousands of pounds in order to obtain these packages.

Bowen Han, chair of the UCLan Chinese society has had “hundreds of students” coming to him as victims of the scams.

Unknown links via emails are also sent out by fraudsters requesting a username and password in order to obtain students details.

The Chinese society works together to help spread the word of any recent scams.

Mr Han said: “We post it on our social media.

“We tell people, about the packages and say don’t trust it.”

Mr Han came to England in 2013 and on his first day as a student, his social media accounts were hacked.

As well as targeting students, scammers contact parents of Chinese students convincing them to send money to help their son or daughter out.

Mr Han said: “My QQ (a Chinese messaging app) account got hacked and somebody controlled my account and talked to my parents.”

Liyang Wang, student and member of the Chinese society was a victim of the scam with fraudsters contacting his parents through messages.

He said: “The first time they contacted my family in China but the second time, I realised that it was a fake call.”

Scammers told Mr Wang’s parents that there were issues with his microphone on his phone so they could avoid speaking to them over the phone.

He said: “In this case they don’t have my voice, they can only use written words to chat with my family.

“I think most of the families would trust those people who speak to them.”

The university has helped students keep aware of scams calls and emails through spreading the message around.

Any incidences of money being transferred are taken to the police.

Preston police provide a hotline for Chinese students.

For help, call 01772 209988