Poster reignites debate on feeding ducks bread

flying duck

It’s the most divisive issue gripping Britain right now. An issue that divides households and causes arguments on social media. That’s right, can you feed ducks bread?

A recent viral social media post of a poster at a park says that ducks are starving without the bread now people no longer feed them bread. According to the poster, bread doesn’t make ducks unwell.

This poster, put up in a park in buxton, has caused furious online debate.

However Lancashire Wildlife trust disagrees. Alan Wright, communication manager for the trust, says that bread was like junk food for ducks. He said: “If people want to feed ducks, it would be better if they fed them frozen sweetcorn or peas or at least seeded bread.

“We’re aware that feeding the ducks is a lot of people’s first interactions with nature and we don’t want to stop that. All that we ask is that people try to benefit the ducks’ diet rather than just feeding them bread. Duck or swan food is easily the best food you can give them.”

Over the last few years there have been several social media campaigns trying to raise awareness of how dangerous it is to feed ducks bread.

A 2018 ban the bread campaign said that feeding ducks bread was bad for them and could lead to the development of Angel Wing, a deformity that means that a duck’s wings don’t develop properly.

However David Barber, the Marker of the Queen’s swans, said: “While bread may not be the best dietary option for swans compared to their natural food such as river weed, it has become a very important source of energy for them, supplementing their natural diet and helping them to survive the cold winter months when vegetation is very scarce.”