Hays Travel gives second chance to Thomas Cook employees

Kelly Edmondson and Gail Holland at Hays Travel Preston Marina | Photo Credit: Hays Travel Preston Marina

Hays Travel has flown in and saved the day for thousands of former Thomas Cook employees, who thought they were facing Christmas out of work.

At the end of September 2019 it was announced that Thomas Cook would cease operations after they went into administration. There were around 9,000 people in the UK employed by Thomas Cook and around 600 high street stores, including Preston, Kirkham, St Annes and Lytham.

It was confirmed in October that Hays Travel would be taking over 555 of the retail stores on the high street including those in Preston.

Hays Travel, Mariners Way, Preston, previously Thomas Cook officially reopened in October with the four former Thomas Cook employees all rehired.

Manager of Hays Travel Mariners Way store, Gail Holland said: “We are all absolutely delighted to be offered our jobs back and to be given the chance to do what we all love to do after being out of work for several weeks.

“The support we have had from our Thomas Cook customers, new customers and the general public in Preston has been amazing. Everyone has been very complimentary about what Hays have done and we are confident that customers old and new will book with us as a result.”

Thomas Cook in Preston was closed on Monday after the business went into administration
Thomas Cook after its closure | Photo Credit: Jack Dinsley

It’s not just this store that has been impacted positively, Hays Travel Preston Fishergate has also opened and has offered recruitment opportunities.

Meanwhile, the Kirkham store has reopened and three of the original staff are back in the shop – with them also wanting to expand the work team.


It certainly looks like there is a sense of positivity for those at your local Hays Travel.

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