On your bike: Free bikes for unemployed people

The bikes are fixed up and given to those in need all across Lancashire. Credit: Pixabay user henlfern.

Unemployed people in Lancashire are being granted the opportunity to earn a free bicycle.

The scheme, called Cycle Recycle, is being run by Lancashire Police in partnership with Active Lancashire, and offers free workshops for people to come along to fix and renovate previously disused bikes, which they then get to take home for free. 

Ruth Adair, Evidence-Related Property Manager at Lancashire Police, said: “The bikes go to people who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford one and it might mean that they can go to job interviews that they couldn’t before.

“It’s also good for the environment and promotes well-being and a healthy lifestyle and that has benefits for everyone”. 

The bikes come from a variety of locations, from stolen bikes to ones damaged as part of accidents. 

Active Lancashire provide helpers with all the necessary skills to help the participants fix up their new bike, as well as tools and parts. 

As well as the donated bikes, Active Lancashire are also accepting donations of unwanted ones for use in the workshops. 

They’re particularly asking for men’s bikes, as Ruth explains.

“We do have some women who attend the workshops, but the majority of bikes we get in are men’s bikes because it’s mostly men who attend the workshops.  We get less children’s bikes but, particularly around this time of year, we run workshops where they do up the bikes for the children in these communities.  They are then given out to the children as Christmas presents when they might otherwise have not received anything”. 

For more information and to get involved, visit the Cycle Recycle website.