Dog’s dinner on the menu at pub near Wigan

Holts Arms head chef Rob Gallett and supervisor Lucie Walker after launching Doggy Dinners at the pub. Credit: Tom McCooey

A dog-friendly pub near Wigan is aiming to get tails wagging with a new item on the menu.

The Holts Arms in Billinge started serving Doggy Dinners earlier this month, following other establishments’ appetite for the idea.

Owner Ian Mitty said the idea is to make visitors feel they don’t have to leave their four-legged friends at home when visiting the pub for a roast dinner. But he admits he has worked to strike a balance between catering for dog lovers and patrons who aren’t fans of diners with paws. 

He said: “We don’t allow dogs in the restaurant area at the back so we cater for both dog lovers and non-dog lovers.

“We’re a walkers’ pub, we’re out on the edge of the countryside, we’ve got Billinge woods nearby. People come in with their dogs anyway.

“People feel they can bring their dog when they go for dinner. They don’t feel as though they have to leave the dog out.

“I’ve had dogs all my life as well. You like to be able to engage with everyone and every part of the family.”

Mr Mitty says the idea came from the pub’s supervisor Lucie Walker, and head chef Rob Gallett set to work on researching safe ingredients for the new breed of customers to eat.

“We checked with nutritionists and we checked online to see what we can and can’t give a dog,” said Mr Mitty.

“It’s very rigidly portioned as well so we’re not going to overfeed a dog. It’s basically mainly vegetables anyway.”

After launching the meals made-up of of meat, gravy and vegetables, Miss Walker says she was pleased with people’s response to the idea.

Explaining her inspiration, she said: “We’re a very dog-orientated pub, so it’s more to integrate them as a whole family.”