Employment is on the rise in the North West

Image found via Flickr. Credit to: thegoldguys.blogspot.com/ or www.lumaxart.com/

Employment rose in the North West between April and June. 

The Office of National Statistics released data showing an increase for the region by 0.6% in the space of three months. 

The North West is the second highest area where employment increased, with the East having a 0.1% advantage.

The region is the fifth highest in England in terms of how many people are employed, at 75.3% at the time. 

The data shows figures representative of people between the ages of 16 and 64.

The Lancashire County Council (LCC) said: “For the UK, 16+ employment was estimated at 32,168,600 persons, and for the North West, 3,432,900 persons.

“These UK and North West 16+ employment numbers are the highest in the series (in 2018).”

The rate of unemployment has fallen by -0.1% during the quarter.  

Unemployment sets the North West region at number four with a rate of 4.2%. 

The LCC added: “The North West yearly 16+ employment rate of 59.1% (+/- 0.6%) is also statistically lower than the UK rate.”

The South West has the highest employment rate, at 81%, an increase of 0.4% since the last quarter.

They also have the lowest unemployment rate, at 2.6%.

This has fallen since the last quarter by -0.1%.

In comparison, London is ninth for the employment rate in England, at 74.6%, seeing no change in the employment rate since the last quarter.

The capital city also has the second highest rate of unemployment, at 4.5% and no change since the last quarter for the rate.

Job Centre Plus Lancashire have been contacted for comment.