NHS Cuts website shows underfunding for Greater Preston patients

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The NHS in Greater Preston will lose nearly one hundred million pounds according to the NHS cuts website.

Patients in the Greater Preston area will suffer £97,800,000 of underfunding by 2023 because of Conservative cuts, according to NHS Cuts.

On the run up to the general election, the NHS cuts website has released its statistics on how the Conservative cuts will affect the NHS in the long run.

According to the Keep Our NHS Public website, NHS Cuts has been created to show people exactly how much areas are set to lose due to underfunding.

The website states: “The tool reflects how, despite claims of record spending, the Tories have actually been underfunding the NHS in historic terms and will continue to do so with the plans outlined in their manifesto.”

The cuts are equivalent to the cost of 810 GPs, 2700 nurses, 53 GP surgeries and 86 MRI machines.

A few examples of the GP surgeries that could be affected by Conservative cuts in the Greater Preston area are Dr Z H Patel & Partner, St Pauls Surgery, Dr M J Hindle, St. Walburges, Medicom Ltd and Geoffrey Street Surgery.

Emma Dickinson, ward manager in Lancashire, said: “I think the problem we have is we’re not training our nurses within the hospitals anymore.

“That’s the major problem that the student nurses are paying student fees and they can’t afford to live.”

The Conservative party were unable to make a comment at this time.

If you would like to see how you will be affected, enter your postcode at www.nhscuts.org.uk

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