Rise in number of men with mental illnesses

Sad man

The number of males in the UK with a mental health illness has doubled since 2012.

A data set by the Labour Force Survey has shown that between the years of 2012 to 2017, the number of males in the UK with a mental health illness has risen from 273,000 to 565,000.

Across the UK, statistics have shown that from 2010, more adults have identified themselves as having a mental health illness.

In Lancashire, 126,062 adults aged between 18-64 are estimated to have a mental health condition.

According to the Labour Force Survey data set, there is a higher count of women with mental illnesses than men.

In 2017, 986,000 women reported having a mental illness compared to 565,00 men.

However, statistics by the Office For National Statistics show suicide rates in men are three times higher then they are in women.

The data shows that in 2018, there were 4,903 male suicides and 1,604 female suicides.

Mental health organisations are set up around the UK providing help and support.

One man in Longridge, near Preston, has set up his own online group chat, giving local men the opportunity to open up.

Adam Wright created the Facebook group chat earlier in November with the idea of organising monthly meet-ups.

He said: “Everyone’s there for the same reason, so everyone in that room has similar problems and similar thought processes.

“The mental health services are stretched.

“So, I think it’s down to communities now to just come together a bit more and help each other.”

Adam has had experience with depression and anxiety and says organising this group could help him too.

The meetings are due to take place every month starting from December 18 at The Palace theatre in Longridge.

For any help or advice, contact The Samaritans on 01772 822022.