Did you go vegan for Veganuary?

Many people have tried to eat healthier this month PIC: Flickr

Many businesses have begun providing more vegan and vegetarian options this January.

The worldwide trend is where many people have switched to a vegan diet for the month.

The Veganuary charity campaign said more than 168,000 people signed up for their support in 2018.

Bernice Newton is the owner of Town House Coffee and Brew Bar in Preston, which offers primarily vegetarian and vegan options.

She thinks many businesses are exploiting veganism as a fashionable trend.

Asked her why she thought Veganuary was important, she said: “I think it is important because one it raises awareness for a lot of different reasons and two from a business point of view for anybody that are included, our menu is not designed not to make vegan food or gluten free food a thing that’s a trouble.

“I walk into other businesses and see them exploit vegan food. It is quite upsetting because, as long as you’ve prepped correctly, vegan food can sometimes be even cheaper than normal food.”

She set up her business after struggling to find places to eat with her family that fit with all their dietary requirements – and she was conscious that many students in the city wanted affordable healthy food.

We asked people on Facebook if they were doing for Veganuary and what they thought of it.

Reece O’Kane said: “Didn’t set out at the start but I have been going more vegan in the past couple weeks.”

Rhys Tucker said: “I have been and I’ve lost like 4lb’s while doing it.”

Ben Hogg said: “As a chef, I despise this development.”