RSPCA fights ‘fast fashion’ to help save the planet

Challenge #RSPCAMyStyle sign.

A major charity’s campaign to combat fast fashion has been hailed a success. 

The RSPCA launched a hashtag #RSPCAMyStyle which swept social media last week as the charity urged the public to share photos of them wearing their second-hand clothing. 

Running from January 20 to 26, the challenge was promoted in all charity shops across Lancashire, including Longridge, Chorley and the newly-opened Penwortham shop. 

Claire Bradly Russell, shops co-ordinator of the Preston and District Branch, said: “We have had a brilliant response to this nationally with not only customers but staff, volunteers and even our CEO taking part.” 

The campaign is fighting fast fashion which dominates high street stores as retailers quickly and cheaply produce clothing to support the latest trends. 

These retailers include brands such as H&M, ASOS and Forever 21. 

An estimated £30 billion worth of unworn clothes sits in UK wardrobes and 300,000 tonnes of garments go into landfill every year, according to Wrap

Customer buying a top for the challenge.

RSPCA launched the initiative to raise awareness of the charity, the work it does and how recycling clothes has a positive impact on the planet. 

Claire said: “Recycling clothes not only helps us raise much needed funds for our branch which in turn funds the animal welfare work, it also stops tonnes of products heading to landfill. 

“Charity shops are no longer undesirable, instead they are respected and considered essential for many reasons.” 

Though the Preston branch’s sales have remained consistent throughout the week compared to previously, Claire said her branches continue to be backed by a loyal band of supporters.