‘Brexit has left us shrouded with deep uncertainty’

Cows in a field.

Farmers are disappointed in the new Agriculture Bill that is being presented in Parliament today. 

The National Farmers’ Union (NFU) is currently making recommendations and changes to the bill due to concerns regarding trade deals. 

The Bill suggests UK farmers should improve environmental or animal health and welfare standards. 

But the NFU believe imports from overseas won’t meet the same level of environmental standards farmers expect in the UK. 

Carl Hudspith, Communications Adviser at the NFU in the North West, said: “We are proud of the standards we adhere to in Britain so it wouldn’t make sense for trade deals to have us receive goods that don’t. 

“Our primary concern is food production and Brexit has left us shrouded with deep uncertainty.” 

With Brexit having been recently implemented, the NFU says the Bill lacks vital detail on international trade negotiations. 

Mr Hudspith said: “When your industry’s future is dependent on it, it’s unnerving.” 

The Bill is based on feedback from the agricultural sector and was initially introduced at the end of 2019. 

Sustainable farming has been put at the forefront of the Bill. 

Having its second reading in the House of Commons today, the Bill’s main points include: 

  • Support will be shown for farmers during times of exceptional market disturbance 
  • Farmers will be paid for environmental management 
  • Improved animal welfare will be rewarded 
  • Food security provisions 

Other concerns have emerged relating to the impact of hedgerows, pesticide use and hedgehogs.