‘Slings are so important because they help to create such strong bonds between parent and child’

Gemma Pulsford, Founder of Preston Slings

Preston Slings, a Lancashire-based baby sling library, is trying to encourage people to ditch the prams and let the fabric take the strain.

Baby slings have been around for decades and are a long piece of material tied around the parent to help safely carry your baby.

A 1998 study found that using baby slings for an extra three hours per day results in 43 per cent less crying from the tots.

The study, which took part in Montreal, consisted of 99 mother-infant pairs.

A number of walks are scheduled by the sling library in order to raise awareness of the benefits of the use of baby slings.

The group, which meets every Monday in Bamber Bridge, offers support to parents who may be nervous about using the slings.

Gemma Pulsford, founder of Preston Slings, said: “Slings are so important because they help to create such strong bonds between parent and child.

“I think it’s coming back into fashion a lot more now people are realising that they don’t have to have a massive pram or buggy with them.”

Preston Slings was founded a year ago and has been growing and growing, according to Gemma.

According to askdrsears.com they provide benefits such as babies crying less, learning more and being more organised.

There are some risks – such as being dropped due to the sling not being attached properly, to suffocation when the baby’s airwaves may get blocked – but the National Childbirth Trust recommend that parents follow the UK Slings Consortium TICKS checklist.

Ziggi Stanley, member of Preston Slings, said: “Wearing a sling is probably one of the best things. It is like a must buy if you are a new parent.

“It’s nice for the baby as well because it’s like giving them a big hug.”

Prices start from £10 for two-weeks use of the slings from Preston Slings, or £20 for a one-on-one consultation.

Find out how to get involved on the Preston Slings Facebook group.