Preston has major plans to regenerate a key area

CREDIT: Preston City Council. An image of the area involved.

Major plans have been designed to expand a key area of Preston, with a long term vision to attract more people to the city.

The Stoneygate Masterplan is aimed to regenerate areas that include Queen Street Retail Park, Cardinal Newman College and St John’s Minster.

Plans include attracting investment into Stoneygate, with a focus on creating more jobs, more attractive public spaces and new places to live.

Planning documents have identified scope to build approximately 1,655 homes within the area.

The Masterplan is also aiming to improve cycling and walking routes within the area and delivering stronger links to the rest of the city centre.

Lancashire County Council are working alongside Preston City Council on the project in the hope to create a better environment for residents, business owners and visitors throughout Preston.

Preston City Council stated: “Development of the scale envisaged requires careful planning and coordination, particularly given the highway and other infrastructure requirements and the number of different landowners and developers involved in the area.”

You can submit your thoughts about the development here.

The deadline for the publication consultation is Monday March 23 and all comments must be received by 5pm.