Coronavirus’ impacts on UK sporting events

Matches could potentially be played without supporters after the Football League was involved in today’s talks about how to deal with coronavirus.

The government is holding a meeting with different broadcasting and sporting bodies about plans to fight against the virus if the crisis becomes worse.

The latest sporting event to be affected is the France v Ireland match in the Six Nations, which has been postponed.

This comes after rising numbers of cases of the coronavirus in the UK and worldwide.

The EFL have already banned the pre-match fair play handshakes between players and officials, but this step may be the first of many to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Andy Holt, the chairman of Accrington Stanley football club, spoke out in favour of restricting access of fans to the games.

“If I lose half of my fans to this disease I have long-term financial ramifications,” he said..

“I’m walking round our club at the weekend. There’s 3,000 fans there and I’m worried that inviting them all together at our place is actually putting them in danger.”

He continued: “We have a lot of elderly fans and people keep saying that ‘well they’re were all elderly, they had pre-existing conditions’ and all this.

“I think that they’re all human beings and we need to be doing everything we can to protect them.

“I have a lot of friends in Italy and they’re telling me their government haven’t done enough.”

Many other sporting events have already been and will be impacted by the outbreak.

The London Marathon, Manchester Marathon, the Six Nations rugby tournament, and the Olympic Games could all be affected.