Flight prices plummet as coronavirus spreads

Source: pxfuel
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Covid-19, commonly known as coronavirus, has made travel companies reduce their prices for flights, hotels and car hire because of people not wanting to go on holiday, fearing they may catch or spread the disease. 

Some businesses are also cancelling flights, particularly flights to Italy, which is very badly affected by the virus. 

An independent travel agent in Preston said they’re especially busy because they are having to rebook customer’s flights and issue refunds.

British Airways and Ryanair have cancelled all of their flights to Italy until April 4 and 8 respectively. 

Jet2 have also canceeled all of their flights to Spain until further notice.

However, some holidayers are taking advantage of the global panic, and are buying flight tickets to “at risk” countries to bag a cheap trip. 


According to flight price aggregator website Skyscanner, the average price of a flight to Barcelona is £147.82. Today however, the prices are largely under £100. 

Flights to sunny Benidorm average usually around £110, however now, they can be found for as cheap as £37, even if you were to travel this month. 

If skiing is more your thing, then you can bag a flight to Chamonix for £50, where usually it would cost you around £180. 

Even if you wanted to fly outside of Europe, the prices still take a dip.

For example, when it would usually cost you around £1,000 for a return flight to Cape Town in South Africa, cheaper return flights can now be found for £333; this is a third of the price before the global emergency. 

The virus has clearly put a dent in the travel industry, more so than other global pandemics in recent history, such as Swine Flu and Zika. 

Source: Business Insider

Banned flights have also been the result of government action to halt the spread of the virus globally, and government advice on the situation to isolate yourself extends to global travel. 

However, if you’re a risk taker, or simply love a bargain, then you may be pleased with the news.