Lancashire Post prepares footage for potential lock down

Kelvin Stuttard

A videographer is shocked at how many people where in the city centre whilst gathering his footage for Lancashire Post.

Kelvin Stuttard works as a videographer at the Lancashire Post and was in Preston to collect footage for future stories.

While in Preston, he was surprised to see the amount of people walking around in the streets of the city centre despite the coronavirus.

Mr Stuttard said: “I’m filming the general public, going about their general business as part of the coronavirus outbreak.

“I was hoping to capture to capture empty streets, but there are quite a few people knocking around.”

The streets will may start to become quieter in the following weeks as more restrictions get recommended by the Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson gave a press conference yesterday in which he said that he recommends people to try and do their work from home to limit.

Unlike Kelvin who isn’t allowed in the offices due to exposure with the public, the Lancashire Post has said that they are still open for journalists to come to work.