Preston business helps to cut plastic waste

Hollywood Exports
Kay Pickles from Hollywood Exports

A Preston business is doing its bit to work within the community and cut down on plastic waste.

Hollywood Exports is a clothing store that’s centred around 80’s style and vintage outfits but holds modern environmental values and a strong community spirit.

The idea came about when the owner’s family antiques and collectables store, The Time Train in Clitheroe which has been going for 10 years started selling vintage clothing.

This idea evolved further into the store you see today designed around 80’s culture with Pac-Man ghosts on the walls and a big ET figurine looming overhead as you enter.

The environmentalist attitude also sticks out here as the counter is made from old VHS tapes and scaffolding boards while all of the bags and printed materials are made from recycled paper.

Kay Pickles, 31, who has worked many different roles in her life spoke about how passionate she is about upcycling and ensuring that nothing goes to waste.

She said: “There’s a big problem in society with everything being throwaway, not just fashion.

“I think the main problem is, it’s not us, the consumer, you can be as conscious as you like, it’s the shops, the businesses that need to be providing food and whatever else, not in single use plastic.”

The business gets much of its stock from America but also likes to work within the community, organising home visits to buy in new product or working with art students from UCLan to customise outfits as long as it fits their retro image.

Hollywood Exports has an eye on the future and working within the community helping young models build a portfolio and running events.

“One of the things that I and the other guys love the most is just the people we meet and the collaborations.” Ms Pickles said.