Preston student balances studies and caring for her mum

Elizabeth Crow

A 22-year–old part-time carer for her mum has spoken about how she balances this with her assignments while she studies for her masters.

Elizabeth Crow’s mother suffers from Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) and Multiple Sclerosis meaning that her father relies on her support.

Her younger brother who is graduating this year also helps out. However, there are limits to what he can do when caring for their mother. 

Elizabeth said: “My sister’s a teacher now, so she moved out about half an hour away. She does lots of lesson planning so she can’t help out. I can’t rely on her, I can help out because I’m only in my second year.

“I’ve still got another two years, so I can afford to travel back right away and help them out. I go to hospital appointments with her when it has to be a female person with her.”

Every other weekend she goes home and then comes back on the Tuesday.

For support, Elizabeth receives counselling and attends a group for young carers.

She said: “It allows me to socialise with young people in similar situations and it’s good because you can relate.”

Elizabeth takes a coach to Manchester and changes to get to Sunderland in order to care for her mother.

This means she is sometimes stuck for one or two hours and it’s worse earlier in the morning.