Preston version of Monopoly to hit market in October

Preston has come out top among 20 North West cities to get its own version of Monopoly board game.

Before the game hit the market in October, the public are now invited to vote for which landmarks can star in the game over a three-week voting period.

The annoucement of the new edition was held in the piazza in front of the Harris Museum, with the costumed Monopoly icon “Mr Monopoly” posting with the “Pass GO” card.

George Shrimpton and “Mr Monopoly” pose in front of the Harris Museum, Preston. (Image by Qian Gui)

The game company has been very closely studying 20 Lancashire and Cheshire cities and towns over the last year, and Preston stands out because of its “beauty and civic pride”, according to George Shrimpton, Custom Games Executive at Winning Moves, maker of the official Monopoly.

Mr Shrimpton said: “The city has very many stunning crown jewels – some well-known like The Harris Museum, others more hidden like castles, country parks and rambling National Trust estates.”

“They (the voting results) will be revealed in October, and we want the public to suggest anything they want to feature in this edition.”

“The edition will be available in major retailors in the area of Preston and as well availabe online for people who maybe moved away from Preston but still want to see the edition.”

“Mr Monopoly” is the icon of the Monopoly board game. (Image by Qian Gui)

The Chance and Community Chest cards will also be Preston customised. One card could send players back three spaces for getting stuck in Preston city centre traffic or for going shopping in Blackpool.

The public can vote for Preston landmarks and cards via three ways before 23.59pm on 5th April (2020).

You may email to, write to the official Preston MONOPOLY Facebook page, or send letters to: Preston MONOPOLY, Winning Moves UK, 7 Praed Street, London W2 1NJ.