Preston businessman aims to raise £1m to support NHS staff amid coronavirus outbreak

Yousef Bhailok, a Preston businessman, hears in the News that the personal protective equipment and ventilators are not enough. 

So here he is, appealing to the people of Preston to participate in a campaign to raise money in support of the NHS. 

With a massive outbreak of coronavirus in the UK, the NHS faces a huge challenge.

Yousef’s family are doctors in Preston. He knows what’s going on, and that’s why he wants to start the fund-raising.

Aisha Bhailok, Yousef’s niece, said: “NHS is one of the greatest things about Great Britain and we want to support its staff in any way we can.

“They risk their lives each and every day going into work to provide life-saving care and support for others. They are truly selfless.”

“Our government is doing everything they can to provide resources, but locally we must do way we can and get whatever they need.” Yousef said.

Yousef’s family have donated £100,000. The money will be used to provide food and essential euipment for NHS staff.

Fundraising is underway. Many people expressed support.

To donate and more information can be found on the website:!/