Coronavirus is affecting children’s play and development

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The global pandemic has put a stop to all summer holiday plans, which can affect children’s key right to play.

COVID-19 has affected us globally, nationally and regionally in many different ways; work, education, health and everything in between.

Coronavirus might have stopped summer events and activities for all ages, but children who love to play in particular.

Dr. Daniel Weisberg is a child psychologist from CAYP Psychology in Manchester and is concerned about the lack of opportunities the children won’t have due to the virus lockdown.

He gives his insight on the importance of child’s play and development and how sometimes it’s overlooked by parents.

“We’re very aware that one of the processes of play is the interactions and learning about the world and that makes us think about how important play is to children’s development.

“We as a society place a huge amount of emphasis on achieving in school or economic success and it’s difficult to break loose from this idea that play is a waste of time”.

Dr. Weisberg believe that there are huge benefits from children’s play and it influences their development massively.

Watch his full interview here.

Emily Ackers is third-year student at Chester and works annually as a play worker for her county’s summer play scheme in Flintshire, North Wales.

This year, the scheme has been cancelled due to coronavirus which means that Emily won’t be able to work with the children.

Emily says: “For so many children, this scheme provides support in becoming more confident, learning new skills and making new friends before returning to school in September.

“So many children who attend the scheme come for our ‘Share Your Lunch’ project which provides a hot meal for the children who will have to go through the summer without one”.

Listen to Emily’s full interview here.