Food packages are helping the vulnerable in Lancashire

Free food box. Credit: Helen Devine.

Those at high risk of the coronavirus, are given free food boxes containing essential supplies from the government.

The first 2,000 food packages were delivered last weekend to those who cannot leave their homes.

People with underlying health conditions are classed as vulnerable and more at risk of COVID-19.

Helen Devine from Walton-le-Dale in Preston, is currently receiving these food boxes.

Helen, along with her partner, are both classed as vulnerable, but unfortunately do not have family nearby.

Helen said: “Every week I will get a food package from the government.

“Also, the councils are helping.

“I’m under South Ribble Council, who rang me to say that they were making up an emergency parcel for me.

“They have also offered to pick up prescriptions for us and drop them off.

“It’s hard because we can’t use click and collect at a supermarket with this going on.

“I am very grateful for their help”.

Others have also benefitted from the government’s scheme.

You can learn more about the government’s free food boxes here.