How People Are Finding Happiness in Isolation

Mental health

Since 23rd March, Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered all UK citizens must stay at home. Sports venues, bars, and restaurants have all closed. 

Many people say they don’t know what they can do at home, besides sleeping, eating and watching TV. 

Here, a Preston local family shared their daily lives during the quarantine.  

Aimee’s mother said: “This may have given me more time to spend with my children as she grows up.” 

People in extended family environments like Aimee can try more family activities.

If you live alone, there are still lots of interesting things to do.

You may have taken an online yoga class, but now you can also take a free online football class.

Read a book you like – books can transport you to many different places. 

Maybe you’ve always wanted to try a new recipe? Now is the time!

Even if we aren’t able to socialize in the wider world – we can still connect with one another using technology. 

Call a friend you haven’t contacted for a long time because you’ve been to busy.

Times are hard – but life in isolation can be productive, fulfilling and enjoyable!