NHS nurse’s experience of dealing with COVID19 on the frontline

Credit: Wikimedia

The NHS staff members are on the frontline in dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic. With the government encouraging the public to isolate, some would argue that the experience of NHS workers behind the scenes is being ignored. We spoke to a 25-year-old nurse who works within the North West who has shared her experience of what she and other staff are facing during this pandemic.

This is situation that NHS staff have never dealt with before. As they gain a wider understanding of the virus, they are receiving more training to be able to tackle this issue effectively. Staff are protecting patients suffering from COVID19, but they feel more can be done to protect their co-workers.

A petition has been signed by over 150,000 people, raising awareness in relation to the lack of personal protective equipment and are urging the government to ensure protection is available for all NHS staff members.

The staff also need support from the public to continue following the guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus.