Online communities coming together to keep people entertained during self-isolation

Nicky Woodward created an online community called "The Digital Dojo". (Image by Lynsey Battle)

Lancashire residents are setting up online communities to help keep people busy and entertained during self-isolation.

Lynsey Battle, a mom of two from Ashton, has started a Facebook group called “Keeping the Kids Entertained“, which encourages people to post ideas about how to have fun at home.

Lynsey Battle created an online community called “Keeping the Kids Entertained”. (Image by Lynsey Battle)

Ms Battle said this was out of her “concern about keeping the children occupied and supporting the parents”.

She said: “I feel a little bit anxious, because we really don’t know what’s happening day by day.

“We are just trying to stay away from the scary side of the coronavirus and to send some positivity out.”

The group has gained more than 1,900 members within two weeks, with people posting ideas like colouring, handcrafts, funky hair day and more.

Ms Battle also works with The Digital Dojo Facebook group to help people keep healthy.

The Digital Dojo is a new online community set up about two weeks ago by Enso Martial Arts school in Lancashire.

The school teachers and group members are sharing videos practicing martial arts as well as tips for keeping fit both physically and mentally.

Lee Woodward from Enso Martial Arts said: “It (the group) keeps us occupied and gives us an outlet rather than just staying at home and not having a lot to do.”

The Digital Dojo Facebook group launched an art competition. (Image by Enso Martial Arts)

One group member suggested an art competition for children, following which many other members have been posting their children’s paintings and sculptures of ninja warriors, dragons and their martial arts teachers.

Nicky Woodward from Enso Martial Arts said: “We are trying to get the community to feel people are talking, but not just listening to us.

“(We want them) to talk to each other, to listen to each other, and to have this online happy community.”

Both Ms Battle and Mr and Mrs Woodward want their online communities to open to a “wider world”.

Ms Battle said: “We’ve actually had people on there who don’t have children and feel a bit anxious.

“A little bit of help can really improve a day.

“Anybody is welcomed.”

Keeping The Kids Entertained and The Digital Dojo are two Facebook groups for people to share self-isolation fun ideas.