Sports club providing community support during virus pandemic

Picture Credit: Champions Sports Elite

COVID-19 has led companies to help their local community during the virus lockdown.

Since coronavirus forced a lockdown on the UK, many businesses have closed or are alternatively using social media to continue their work.

Champions Sports Elite a sports club based in North Wales, has set up different schemes to help others who are in isolation.

The team have been supporting their local community by doing different jobs for those who are in need during this difficult period.

This includes; dog walking, essential shopping, or even just a phone call for those who are self-isolating alone.

Rhys Hewitt who is a co-founder of Champions Sports Elite, talks about why the company wanted to help during lockdown.

“The coronavirus has had a massive impact on how CSE can operate due to working with children, so we’ve completely had to close down”.

“Community is at the heart of what we do, we wanted to help those in need, so we advertised it across social media as much as we could.

CSE have recently set up an event called ‘Miles of Support’ where they are aiming to raise money for NHS Wales and their local football club.

The event allows people in the area to email details of their runs while encouraging others to contribute to their fundraising.

Rhys gives us more information about the event here.