Preston company donates upcycled electronics to the community

A Preston company is donating upcycled technology to the local community.

The audio and visual company, Pure AV, donated a projector and screen to the Preston Air Cadets this week.

Martin Clay (left) handing over the projector

Martin Clay, head of technical sales and design, says the air cadets have a special place in his heart and it’s about “donating to a good cause.”

Martin added: “My son was part of the cadets in Yorkshire, so I know they will make good use of it”

The equipment will be used to provide key training and “enhance the overall experience for each and every air cadet.”

Wing Commander Steve Molloy (middle) receiving an Order of St John Award in 2018

The projector can be used to enhance training when watching videos or demonstrations, flight simulations, as well as providing tutorial and lecture sessions.

The company has also donated a new television to the local fire service, and says it is a way of giving back to the community.

There is also an environmental impact with upcycling used technology, and Pure AV say they properly dispose of any technology that can’t be upcycled.

Upcycling can take more time and effort than recycling, but Martin hopes that more used equipment can be given a new home in the future.