BST Chairwoman Christine Seddon hails ‘excellent’ Blackpool

Bloomfield Road

Blackpool Supporters Trust chairwoman Christine Seddon has applauded the Seasiders and the Trust on what they’ve achieved throughout the pandemic. 

Seddon believes the club have done impressively under all the uncertainty. “I think they’ve done extremely well to be honest we’re very fortunate to be in the hands of an owner who can afford to keep the club going frankly.” 

This is Blackpool’s second season under the ownership of Simon Sadler and the chairwoman thinks he has done an excellent job “He’s keeping everything going and we’re still recruiting, we’re still investing in facilities etc. The plans for the new training ground are still going ahead. So really we’re in a very good position indeed and I think we’re just very fortunate to have an owner that’s in a position to do such things.” 

Blackpool’s owner has shown his faith in new head coach Neil Critchley, as the club has signed 15 new players this season, in what is another rebuild for the team. As the ex-Liverpool under-23s boss has recruited a lot of youth into his side, which Seddon can see some positives in “I certainly think that you know investing in the youth side of football is massive and given the situation now with salary caps”. 

However the chairwoman has expressed her desire for the club to add some more experienced players into the side: “You do need experience inside and I think that at the moment it’s where we’re lacking and I’m hoping that that will be addressed through the loan market at least.” 

Seddon has also backed the appeal to get supporters back in stadiums as soon as possible, as the Seasiders were one of 11 sides to host a successful test event against Swindon nearly a fortnight ago “I cannot see why we can’t have you know at least 25 or 30 percent capacity in the stadiums, we could do that very safely far more so than going around your supermarket.” She added “They shown in the game you know this can happen, it can be done and it can be done safely so it really needs to happen.” 

Seddon has also thanked the club for the communication the trust has received and believes there is a very healthy relationship. “We do have a dialogue and one of the directors attended a couple of our committee meetings and we’re just trying to work with the club and ask what can we do to help you really.” 

The Supporters Trust has been running a taskforce for well over season, where a band of volunteers go to Bloomfield Road, to help clean, pain and maintain the stadium in order to assist the club and save the owner money.  

Throughout the pandemic, the Trust have been trying to be as active as possible in assisting in the community wherever possible, as well as donating to charities in the town they have also helped maintain a memorial for former Blackpool players who fought in the first world war “We’ve kept the volunteers going and that’s hugely successful. We’re not just working at the ground but also helping at the Fylde Arboretum in Bispham.” 

The Chairwoman remains optimistic about the club and trust’s future and believes under the ownership of Simon Sadler, the club are destined for bigger and greater things “I hope that they will continue to invest in all the facilities and develop the team and develop the youth and get to the championship as soon as possible and then who knows the sky is the limit.” 

“From a Blackpool (Supporters Trust) perspective, we want to continue to do everything we can to support the club and be part of the club and to represent our member in any way we can.”