UFC call up “just a matter of time” for unbeaten Cage Warriors champ Jack Cartwright

Cage Warriors bantamweight champion Jack Cartwright believes a UFC contract is in the offing after another successful title defence. 

At 25 years-old, the fighter is one of the biggest MMA prospects in the world. After making another successful title defence, just a fortnight ago. As he submitted Gerardo Fanny just two minutes into the first round at Cage Warriors 115. 

Cartwright was happy to display his versatility in the cage with this victory. “It shows how I have a well-rounded game. I just took him to where I thought he’d be most uncomfortable and took advantage on him from there.” He added “I just took it nice and easy and got another first round finish, so I was happy with my performance.” 

The bantamweight champion submitted the Dutch fighter with an arm triangle choke, his first submission victory since joining the Cage Warriors promotion. “I’ve got a good arm triangle and I knew that if I put him on the ground there were positions where I knew he’d give up or where I could hit him with a number of submissions that I was strong with.” 

“I did have an idea that I thought I could get him to fall into an arm triangle. In the week leading up to my fight. I coach at night times at my gym and we were drilling arm triangles in the week leading up to the fight because I thought to myself I’ll coach it so I can tighten up my technique and make sure that I’ve got it well-rehearsed.”  He went on to add “Luckily for me, it fell for me that way in the fight and he ended up in arm triangle.” 

Cartwright extended his unbeaten record to 9-0, eight of those coming in the first round, all through either TKOs or submissions.  

The 25-year-old believes that being his well-roundedness makes him a dangerous asset in the bantamweight division. “There’s a variety in my finishes” He said, “I finish somebody different every single time more or less.”  

“Theres not just one thing of my opponents to be cautious of or worried about. They’ve got to be worried at every point of the fight, there’s no place where they’re going to feel 100 percent safe because I have got finishes from everywhere.” 

Fighting under coronavirus 

The victory over Fanny, was Cartwright’s first fight after six months out due to the pandemic. He explained how his fight preparations had to change under a world with coronavirus: “It was different, because normally I’d be able to go down to the SBG gym in Manchester every day and train with everyone down there. But we obviously had to make adjustments, so I could only go down there a couple of times a week, then I’d be in my gym in Bolton a couple of times a week. Then I’d be coaching and training, then going on my runs and I had to make the best of a bad situation really. But, I’m lucky in the fact that I’ve got a load of good teammates.” 

This was the 25-year-old’s first fight after the Government stopped fans returning to sporting events, something that Cartwright didn’t let affect him. “It didn’t really make a difference, it was just me and him locked in a cage just like it would be with a full arena. You just take it as it comes really, it was a good experience to have.” 

“The main thing for me was that all my friends and family, who normally come to every single fight without fail, none of them could be there. So, I kind of felt for them who had to sit at home and watch it on TV.” 

What’s the future for Cartwright? 

Jack took to social media, earlier this week. Showing his humorous side, as he joked about a potential venture into the WWE. When asked about it, he laughed as he said “I’m about 11 stone, I’ll probably be no good in the WWE”. 

“But yeah obviously. I was a fan of it growing up and I’ve always liked that sort of stuff, so if the opportunity ever came, then I’d jump at that yeah, 100 percent definitely.” 

While a UFC call-up seems inevitable for the unbeaten fighter, he does have other plans if the UFC doesn’t come knocking this time round.  

“If I was going to stay in Cage Warriors, I would want to fight for the featherweight belt.” He went onto reveal “I tried to get it before my last fight. Before my last fight, I reached out and said that I want the featherweight belt, so I wanted to do that for that last show.”  

However, Cage Warriors had already matched their lightweight champion to fight for their welterweight title, which meant Jack was asked to defend his title once more. Something he wouldn’t be against defending his title once more if things were not to go to plan. “If worse came to worse and it came down to it and was asked to defend it again, I would do, don’t get me wrong.” 

“But if I had to fight in Cage Warriors again I would want the featherweight belt, because I believe I would beat any of the featherweights as well, chuck me on the featherweights for the featherweight title, I’ll win that and then go to the UFC.” 

If the bantamweight champion were to win the featherweight title, he would be the third person to hold two titles from two weight divisions simultaneously in Cage Warriors. After fellow prospect Mason Jones and sporting icon Conor McGregor. 

Cartwright’s reputation is constantly rising. He’s young, he’s undefeated and is the Cage Warriors bantamweight champion. The 25-year-old has truly shown his potential, as he said, “it’s just a matter of time until I get signed to the UFC.”