Project Big Picture a ‘disgrace’ says Blackpool Supporters Trust chairwoman Seddon

Bloomfield Road

Blackpool Supporter’s Trust chairwoman, Christine Seddon, says that Project Big Picture was a ‘disgraceful power grab’ by the Premier League’s top six.

The proposed idea has been unanimously rejected by Premier League clubs, with clubs confirming that a financial package is still needed to support EFL clubs.

A member of the national council of the Football Supporters Association, Seddon sees this idea as a disgraceful proposal.

“It is absolutely disgraceful, there’s far too much self interest in football,” said Seddon.

“It was clearly a very ill-disguised power grab by this select group of billionaire owners of the top six club, in cahoots with Rick Parry from the EFL.”

“I think we’ve all been brainwashed into believing that the situation we have, there’s not much we can do about it and we have to accept the crumbs that fall off the Premier League table.”

The idea, originally put forward by Manchester United and Liverpool, involved a number of changes to the footballing pyramid.

No EFL Cup or Community Shield alongside only 18 clubs in the Premier League was a main part of the plans rejected by clubs.

This was welcomed by Seddon, who felt it was crucial to the competitive nature of the EFL that this was rejected.

“It would in affect sound the death of real competition and the hopes and dreams of the clubs not in that top division, making it virtually impossible to get into that top division,” Seddon explained.

“If you look at a pyramid, if you don’t look after the lower levels then the whole thing could collapse.”

From a financial perspective, clubs are struggling at the moment with huge restrictions due to no fans during the coronavirus outbreak.

This was further damaging to clubs when the EFL decided to reject a £375m bid to buy the league, just two days before the meeting on Project Big Picture without consulting the 72 member club’s owners.

The coronavirus outbreak has seen clubs fighting for survival and this is something Seddon believes the Premier League top six were looking to take advantage of.

“The Sinicism and manipulation to do this on the back of the desperation of clubs because of the COVID situation,” said Seddon.

“It’s very hard not to feel depressed on the state of football as it stands.”

“Everything is focused on the premier league and it is wrong, completely wrong.”

With the financial bailout due soon for the EFL clubs in desperate need of help, steps in the survival of the football league have been made.

But with the top six clubs looking to propose new ideas for clubs, it is still to be seen what steps they take to ensure changes are made to the football pyramid.