Football mural magic bringing North West streets to life

Murwalls founder Marc Silver, Credit: Courtney Neary

Footballing stars past and present are appearing in art form across the North West, with multiple street artists honouring legends in murals across the region.

Such work is proving particularly popular to locals in Liverpool and Ray Clemence is the latest local footballing idol to take his place in the Anfield area, following on the likes of Trent Alexander-Arnold and Alan Hansen.

One of those helping to ‘paint the town red’ and responsible for this nod to Clemence’s career is Essex-based West Ham United fan Marc Silver – who launched ‘MurWalls’ in December 2019.

The company got their feet off the ground by offering street art in people’s homes, primarily decorating kid’s bedrooms, but substantial growth has seen the business thrive and much larger projects have come into play.

Despite starting up only 10 months ago, MurWalls has been a practice in the pipeline for a long while and the idea all started after Silver, 43, wanted to create a dream room for son Caiden.

Speaking to the Gazette, Silver said: “I employed a graffiti artist to come to my house who happened to be an extremely talented guy.

“We finished it and he was really impressed with it, so was I and I thought there was something in this and maybe we could maybe take this a bit further.”

Silver resides from a background in design and production and is the co-founder and CEO of ‘Square Rock Group’ but has now took the leap of faith into unleashing his next prosperous venture.

He added: “Running my own business for the last eleven years I never really had the time to take it any further and it took me three years to think I really want to do something with this.”

After impressing West Ham with his work, Silver was introduced to Liverpool FC and proved a catch, with numerous bedroom designs now being available through Murwalls on the club’s website.

Bedroom art is where the business started, nonetheless, this year’s foray into street art has seen the brand flourish further – and the project’s available have been too good to refuse.

Perhaps the most notable mural of any to epitomise the mood of the city was brought to life in July – an iconic image of Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson lifting the Premier League trophy after the club’s first league triumph in 30 years.

Marc Silver and Jordan Henderson after the mural was unveiled. Credit: Courtney Neary

Liverpool fan channel Redmen TV commissioned Silver and his team of artists to complete the design on the corner of Anfield Road, and it was by no means an easy job to complete.

Months of planning took place and there were many difficulties to overcome, including the arduous wait for Liverpool to get their hands on the Premier League crown.

Silver said: “There was a period where it looked like Liverpool might not win the league because they were potentially going to cancel the league, but it was only when everything was confirmed and they won the league that we were ready to go straight up there and put in on.”

On his pride of being involved in the artwork, Silver added: “The knock-on effect of that is we’ve had many different businesses saying ‘we’ve got a wall space down the road can you come and do a mural for us?’

 “As the day went on and people were standing around gathering crowds and people going past saying ‘wow that’s amazing’ I kind of knew this was something special and it meant a lot to the people.”

Such advice and appreciation has spurred Silver on to add to an ever-growing MurWalls portfolio.

Liverpool legends past and present including Kenny Dalglish and Virgil Van Dijk give the Arc Hotel a distinctive look, while arguably Liverpool’s greatest assets aside from their football club’s – The Beatles – don the Phoenix Hotel.

Silver now looks forward to further exciting projects including work with England Rugby and customising electric motor bikes.