Bury groundsman continues to maintain pitch, despite no games in a year

Bury FC have been expelled from the EFL since the 27th August and despite not having played a game in over a year the club’s groundsman continues to maintain the ground. 

Michael Curtis, who has worked for Bury for 33 years in a variety of roles continues to maintain the ground even though the club’s future remains uncertain. 

Curtis hasn’t been paid in 18 months as the club faces extinction, but still keeps the pitch match ready in the event of a miracle. 

As of October 2020 the club remains in danger or liquidation and despite no end in sight, Curtis still maintains the ground for free as such is his love for the club.

Curtis missed just one Bury FC home game in his lifetime. A match against Bristol City when he was the best man at a wedding. As such his commitment to the club.

The term “more than a football club” is thrown around a lot, yet as such as Mr. Curtis’ love for the club the phrase can’t be understated.

Bury FC is in Curtis’ family. He worked there, his mother Joan and sister Lynne both work there too, while his grandfather Bill Gorman played for the club prior to World War 2.

There are just around a dozen volunteers remaining from Shakers history. The final links to a club, who in August closed their doors for the final time, just seven links remaining from 134 years of history… is heartbreaking for the footballing community.