Swimming “keeps me out of a wheelchair” – MS sufferer fights Fleetwood pool closure

Fleetwood Pool

A lady who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis is fighting the closure of a Fleetwood swimming pool, saying that swimming prevents her from needing to use a “wheelchair.”

Susan Munslow, 70, from Fleetwood is one of many residents campaigning for their local pool to be reopened. 

The pool has been closed since the start of the first lockdown in March 2020 and hasn’t opened its doors since.

As a member of Flounders Disabled Swimming Club, Susan is anxious for the pool to reopen as it provides much needed respite for her and many others who have no other nearby options.

Susan, who suffers with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) said: ‘I have to travel over half an hour to the nearest pool now.

“I am fortunate, I have the time and the means to travel but so many others from my group don’t.

“They are missing out on the freedom of being able to swim.”

Susan has suffered with MS for at least 12 years and has found that swimming is the most effective way of managing her pain.

“Swimming takes the weight off my bones and it means I can get a proper workout without causing me any pain.

“It is my main exercise which keeps me out of a walking frame or even worse a wheelchair and able to look after myself.”

Susan is fortunate that she is able to swim at the YMCA run pool at Kirkham, but she is at a loss as to why this pool has been allowed to reopen, but Fleetwood’s isn’t.

Wyre Council have said that they have requested an extra £340,165 from the government to see the reopening of the Thornton and Garstang leisure centres – but that the Fleetwood pool will remain closed and under review in the Spring of next year.

But many fear that the longer the pool stays shut, the higher the chance that it will never open again.

“For our members, Fleetwood pool is a life-line. 

“It is a treat for some of us to be able to come and swim together and it is the only pool in the area that can accommodate all our needs.

“Our community would really struggle without the pool.”

Fleetwood Pool

The council has confirmed that the decision will be reviewed once a month until March 2021, when a decision will be made on whether to reopen

A Facebook group has been launched to Save Fleetwood Swimming Pool.