Cycling: How one man’s wheels keep on turning during the Covid-19 pandemic

Road Cycling
Robert Tracey (White and Red) on a pre-Covid bike ride. PIc: Robert Tracey

“Cycling feels like meditation for me at times.”

Those were the words of Robert Tracey, a Stockport based cyclist, trying to pursue his hobby during this incredibly challenging global pandemic.

Robert is part of a local cycling club that prior to the pandemic, met and rode across county and country.

With the current restrictions in place, however, the 24-year-old finds himself only able to ride at a distance with one fellow cyclist, which he found to be an issue.

“Covid has made cycling a little bit more difficult than normal due to not being able to meet with friends and fellow cyclists.

“Funnily enough the past 12 months I’ve been cycling more than ever, but that’s been in really small groups due to Covid restrictions.

“Obviously when the weather hasn’t been too clever recently there’s some virtual software I can use to help me ride indoors, but it’s not the same as riding outdoors with friends.”

This pandemic has undoubtedly affected everyone and their plans in a myriad of ways, and with us being such social creatures, Robert’s enjoyment of cycling has been affected as well.

“The main bit of the sport itself that keeps me interested is simply big cycling plans with friends, the social aspect of it for me is really appealing.

“I’ve participated in races in the past and the likes of time trials seem interesting but for me, the social aspect is my favourite part of it.”

For Robert, the love of cycling isn’t something he takes for granted, and during such challenging times, it is something he relies on more than ever.

“Cycling for me is just such a major part of my life, and personally I don’t think a lot of non-cyclists appreciate how rewarding the sport can be.

“The feeling of being out on the road on my bike, the sense of calm, the wind rushing by you, it feels like you’re flying at times.

“I would go as far as to say that it feels like meditation at times for me, it really does wonders for my mental and physical health, which during these times is as important as it ever was.”