The Southport man helping people’s mental health on Twitch

A Southport man has used Twitch as a way of creating a safe space to educate people on mental health.

Dave Cottrell started ‘Mindset by Dave’ in 2020, so he could continue his mindset coaching of those struggling with lockdown.

Endorsed by the NHS and boasting over 600 Twitch followers, his channel has grown due to his friendly attitude towards the topic.

His next step is a 20+ hour charity stream, hoping to raise money for ‘Mind’ and ‘Sean’s Place’.

Sean’s Place is a Liverpool based charity that teaches men essential skills and helps them cope with their mental health.

David’s work has seen him receive the ‘Points of Light’ award from the Prime Minister for his work in mental health.

The daily award recognises those who have made an outstanding difference within their local communities.

With future charity events already planned, Dave doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon.