Burnley company launches a mental wellbeing platform for children

A company from Burnley has launched a platform that aims to help children with their mental health during the pandemic.

IP Four is a digital and IT support business that caters for a digital landscape across the UK.

The third lockdown and the heightened restrictions by the government has affected children’s mental health.

The mental health foundation in the UK suggests that despite the shared experience of lockdown, children and young people are experiencing loneliness.

The foundation conducted a survey and found out that primary aged children worry about being away from home and transitioning between schools, whereas secondary aged children worry about increased academic pressures as well as catching COVID-19.

The platform Individed, is still developed as a prototype and has resources such as quizzes that generate feedback that can be accessed by teachers and parents to help students with their transition.

IP Four realised that the platform could be used to help children cope with the challenges of being away from family, friends and school.

Aaron Ormerod, the director of IP Four said: “One good thing about this platform is that it is free. You don’t have to pay or get charged for using it which is very convenient for many schools”.

Mr. Ormerod explained that this platform can be a way to help students that are struggling at this time of lockdown by getting support towards their needs.

“Children can input the details that they will be asked of and they will get feedback that will also be accessible to teachers and parents with the aim of knowing what level they are and how they can help them. Also, to keep track of their wellbeing” said Mr. Ormerod.

Norfolk city council has been using Individed and they pay a nominal yearly fee for their business to use its feedback and make changes.