Campaign to Protect Clitheroe’s Ancient Wells reaches 1,000 Signatures

A campaign to protect three ancient wells in Clitheroe has just reached over 1000 signatures on an e-petition.

The Clitheroe Town Wells Conservation Campaign (CTWCC), is a community action group formed by numerous organisations in Clitheroe.

The organisation who prepared the campaign described having one of these structures within a parish boundary—such as Clitheroe—‘rare’, and to have three of these Grade II listed heritage assets in one area is possibly unique.

That’s why the organisations’ aim is to secure a long-term future for the town’s former public wells: Heild Well; St Mary’s; and Stock Well.

Ribble Valley Council already adopted Stock Well in 2019, however failed to do the same with the two remaining wells.

Steve Burke, Secretary for the CTWCC said: “Once our petition secures 600+ supporters with Ribble Valley postcodes, we will hope this will enable Councillors to reconsider their previous stance which is not to apply to the land Registry for titles to the two unregistered wells.”

Failure to grant ownership of all three wells to the council, would mean the conservation group would not be able to apply for Grant Aid, or fundraise for the preservation of the heritage assets, which could benefit the town in the long-term.