Care Home Residents in Carnforth take on viral challenge

Keer Sands Residential Home employees dancing to viral song

Keer Sands Residential Home in Carnforth have created their own Jerusalema Challenge video.

The viral Tik Tok challenge originates from a song by South African singer Master KG in 2019.

The tune made global success in 2020 after groups of people worldwide saw it as a symbol of hope amidst all the fear of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Assistant Manager Vicky Stephens said: “The residents loved it. It was quite nice for the families as well because they are still limited to visits.”

She continued: “The residents’ families were happy that they were involved, and they wanted to be involved. And they could see them all jolly and having a bit of fun.”

The full video can be found on Keer Sands Residential Home Facebook Page

This challenge hasn’t only been a hit with Keer Sands Residential Home with a Nursing Home in Ireland and a Dementia Care Home in Guernsey also taking on the challenge.

Keer Sands Residential Home has also got involved in other viral challenges, including the Amarillo video.

The full video can be found here.

Assistant Manager Vicky Stephens said: “We did the Amarillo video quite a few months ago when it all started with COVID. And then the manager decided that it (The Jerusalema Challenge) would give us all a bit of a moral boost.”

When asked if the Residents and Keer Sands Home will take on any more online challenges, Assistant Manager Vicky … said: “I don’t know, watch this space. If there are any more we might give them a go.”