Morecambe and Wise go live: 80 years on

2021 marks the 80th anniversary of the formation of legendary comedians ‘Morecambe and Wise’ and to celebrate the occasion, the Morecambe and Wise fan club are to host a live streaming event of the best of the duo.

The event is to show their most iconic sketches, including the infamous Breakfast sketch and the Antique shop, as well as featuring their best-known songs.

Matthew Webster, head of the Fan Club, said: “Their popularity never fades, lock down I think has raised their profile greatly. People need comfort and love and that’s exactly what they are.

“Bring Me Sunshine” is a huge deal. I get numerous messages from people who’ve used it as a wedding or funeral song. It’s a National favourite and highly protected and loved by fans.”

As some of Britain’s most beloved comics, Eric and Ernie were immortalised in a 5 part BBC documentary called “Bring Me Morecambe & Wise” in 2012. The two were comedic partners from 1941 up until Eric Morecambe died of a heart attack in 1984. Ernie Wise has since died of heart failure in 1999.

The fan club said of the legacy of the two: “You can still see major elements of their comedy in today’s comedians. Lee Mack, Miranda Hart (the look into the camera etc). Comedy has changed dramatically since their day but the basis of all comedy remains the same, timing, which they were and are the masters of.”

The event is due to take place in August on the Morecambe and Wise fans Facebook page.