Slimming company in Leyland affected by the pandemic

Credits to: Slimming World Facebook Page.

The franchise owner of a 11-year-old slimming company based in Leyland says working during the pandemic has been “mentally draining”.

According to the “Slimming World” franchise owner Andrea Mills, the company have seen “a huge drop in numbers” since the start of the pandemic, “but with lots of hard work” she has been able to build her business back up and currently continues to average between “220-250 members each week, which is slightly less than March 2020.”

The owner also said that “due to all services being offered virtually and online, a lot of older members are reluctant to use the technology” with that being one of the smaller issues the owner has dealt with.

Credits to: Slimming World Facebook Page.

A study led by the University of Glasgow concluded that the lockdown had a huge impact on people´s mental health, “including increased rates of suicidal thoughts.”

Andrea Mills just confirmed that not only her customers are having a hard time but herself too: “Although my numbers are lower than last year, my workload has doubled, and it has been mentally draining at times. As you can imagine people’s mental health is not good at the moment and putting on extra weight can just add to the pressure. “

The slimming consultant also said that her company takes part of lots of local charity work such as food banks, and she has a goal: “My biggest challenge has been trying to keep people motivated and positive, especially when there’s been so much uncertainty and not so good news. But I’ve certainly seen a change in people from the first lockdown to this one.”