Preston Food-bank provides recipe inspiration

Chicken Pie recipe kits, Credit, Preston Community Hub

A Preston foodbank has put together “life changing” recipe kits to combat hunger in the city.

The Foodbank at Preston Community Hub in Fishwick has been creating new recipe kits each week to ensure its users are getting a good hearty meal, as well as making the most of their donations. 

Foodbank manager Clair Foster came up with the idea and it has been a huge success throughout the community. She said: “It’s been very popular, one of the ladies that uses the foodbank has said these recipe kits have changed her life.

“She’s lost weight, she’s saved money and she knows her kids are getting good quality meals. Once you know how to use the ingredients, you can make anything.”

The foodbank was set up at the start of the in March 2020, just as the first lockdown was announced. Since then, the foodbank has grown, and now regularly serves more than 60 families each week.

Clair said the idea for the recipe kits was thrown together last minute: “We’d just had 3 crates of leeks delivered and they were in really good condition and I just thought people won’t take them because they don’t know what to do with them.

“So I quickly threw together a couple of potatoes, a couple of onions and a couple of leeks  into a bag and labelled it ‘leek and potato soup kit” and they absolutely flew out.”

Each week a new recipe is released depending on what has been donated to the foodbank. So far the recipes have been savoury, but Clair says she has plans to get the whole community baking too.  This week’s recipe is apple crumble.