Ambitious plans to create a new heart for Leyland

Credit: Creative Commons picture taken by David Dixon

Leyland is set to receive up to £25 million from the government after a successful funding bid.

This comes into place following the government announcement that 100 places are to benefit from new Towns Fund including 40 northern towns.

The bid will see a new Leyland Town Centre including a new public square and commercial and residential developments.

The bid will also see improvements to Leyland Market and BASE2 – a business hub for skills, events and workspaces.

Katherine Fletcher Conservative MP for South Ribble was pleased with Rishi Sunak’s 2021 Budget announcement.

Katherine said: ”It’s been a real collective effort to sit ourselves down right if we could what does Leyland need to really give it a boost.

”We ended up with the idea of transforming the streetcapes of Hough Lane and consolidating and creating a heart for Leyland.”

Jennifer Gadsdon, chair of the Leyland Town Board identified in the Leyland Town Investment Plan, said the town centre was disjointed and lacked a distinct sense of place.

Matthew Tomlinson, a Labour Councillor and Cabinet Member for Finance, Assets & Property for South Ribble, said: ”This is really exciting news; and, of course, I’m delighted.

”The Council had already developed some ideas about what we wanted to do with Leyland Town Centre well before the government came up with the idea of the Town Deal Fund.

”We have already consulted with local residents & stakeholders and, as soon as we know when & how we are going to receive the money, we are well placed to make progress on what is a really exciting design.

”I’d like to congratulate the Town Deal Board who put the bid together and look forward to these plans coming to fruition.”

You can find more information here at South Ribble – Leyland Town Fund