Disabled swimmers group delighted at Fleetwood Pool reopening

Fleetwood Pool

Disabled swimmers’ group, Wyre Flounders Swimming Club are thrilled that Fleetwood Pool will reopen on 1stMay.

The pool has been closed since 23 March when the national lockdown forced all pools and gyms to close. 

Susan Munslow, aged 70 a member of the club, says she can’t wait to get back in the pool: “It’s a lifeline for us all. I’ll be there on the first day it opens. 

“I’ve not had a swim since December so I’m really looking forward to getting back in the pool.”

The YMCA leisure centre and pool are set to reopen following a successful bid for the £220,000 Government’s National Recovery Fund.

It comes after backlash from the public at Wyre Council’s decision to fund the reopening of Thornton and Garstang pools, but not Fleetwood’s.

The decision sparked protests in Fleetwood, with the “Save Fleetwood Swimming Pool” Facebook page being set up.

Susan, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, hopes that the reopening of the pool will help other people find a new love of swimming: “ Hopefully now the pool is open many more people will join us and find that swimming is the best exercise for a great number of problems, illnesses, physical, mental, and they will find friends who just like to swim because they can’t do anything else. It’s just a lovely experience.

“Thankyou for everybody protested in anyway and thankyou  for the council who managed to get the grant and thankyou to Sport England who gave us the grant.”