Lancashire County Council backs campaign for COVID day of remembrance

Lancashire County Council have backed a South Ribble woman’s campaign for a national COVID day of remembrance.

Rachael Lidgett, aged 35 from Leyland, lost her father to the virus, and started the petition to remember the victims of COVID-19 in a more meaningful way.

Rachael said: “It was just numbers all the time. I just kept thinking, these are people’s loved ones, one of them that day was my dad.

“The fact people were just blatantly throwing it around like it didn’t mean anything just made me really, really angry.”

Rachael’s father, Chris Cooper.

Matthew Tomlinson, who has been a Lancashire County Councillor since 2001, wanted to get behind the idea after reading about Rachael’s campaign on social media.

Councillor Tomlinson said: “I thought that it was a really positive idea. I thought I’d do everything I could to encourage her and to support her.

“It would be nice for us to have a day to think for all those families, and all those people who’ve gone, that this is the day when we remember them.”

A notice of motion at the Full Council meeting was proposed by County Councillor Tomlinson, seconded by County Councillor Michael Green and backed unanimously by the council.

The support for Rachael’s petition was confirmed on Lancashire County Council’s website.

Rachael’s petition on the parliament website.

Rachael’s petition will debated in Parliament if it reaches 100,000 signatures, but the government must acknowledge and respond to it if it gets to 10,000 signatures.

You can support Rachael’s campaign for a national COVID day of remembrance here.