Preston businesses call for more help for St George’s

Local business are hoping for Preston customers to help their nearby shopping district so the shopping centre can find new owners.

St George’s has been the biggest shopping centre in Preston since 1966 and is one of three in the city.

It has gone into administration after InfraRed, which owns St George’s Shopping Centre in Preston together with its investors, defaulted on a loan secured against the asset.

St Georges remains shut due to the pandemic with only Vision Express and Superdrug still opened for business.

Linda Singleton, 34, a jeweller in St George’s, said the shop was closed at present to the public because of lockdown.

She said local businesses were hoping that a local buyer or even the council may get involved:

She said: “We are working online personally so how it’s going to affect us, they are hoping somebody local would perhaps take an interest or even the council may get involved. I think they are involved in St George’s car park so they will get involved in the shopping centre.”