No more excuses as Preston gyms reopen today

Gyms and indoor swimming pools in Preston have reopened today in line with the government’s easing of coronavirus measures.

Some fitness fanatics were queuing at the doors of gyms before the staff even arrived.

Mike Bwoni, a student at the University of Central Lancashire was extremely excited to go to the gym this morning, “I woke up pretty early – I was at the gym at five am… it opens at six. I was the first there. People showed up when it opened, but over the next half hour it got pretty busy.” 

He also spoke about how demotivating working out could be at home. Even though he managed to stay in “tip top shape”, he could understand why people didn’t want to do home workouts after a while. 

Mike also said, “At the gym today, I had the biggest grin on my face when I was on the treadmill – I looked like a weirdo, I was that happy.” 

Chris Taylor, a personal trainer in Penrith, has been teaching classes online since the beginning of the year, but missed the connection you can have with clients in person, “I’ve missed the body language. And not having to crawl about on my hands and knees to view the screen.

“It’s more than just the training sessions you get to see a shift in confidence, knowledge and big smiles when they achieve success.”

As indoor socialising will still be banned until May 17, it’s forecasted that that’s when gym classes will be able to restart. 

Chris is remaining positive the vaccine will help but he said, “I don’t think things will be like they used to be but evidence is emerging that more non exercises are wanting to exercise and they need help now.”