Some Preston pubs prepare to reopen

Ships and Giggles reopens today.

Preston pub owners are preparing to welcome their customers back as beer gardens are amongst the venues permitted to reopen as part of step two of the plan out of lockdown

Preston pub Ships and Giggles joins many pubs across the county in welcoming back their punters for the first time since early November.

Pub gardens and outdoor hospitality have been able to open from midnight last night.

However this means pubs without outdoor spaces are having to remain shut.

Megan Hopkinson, a manager at Ships and Giggles, said “I am glad that we’re finally able to open even though it’s only for outdoors at the moment. 

“Throughout this whole Pandemic we have been made to close multiple times and silly rules being put it place like you must be eating a substantial meal to remain open.”

Some critics of the Government are worried that the loosening of restrictions may cause another peak but owners and workers in pubs say they need to open.

Megan said “I don’t think it’s too early for everything to reopen again I feel like it could be seen as too late since lots of pubs and clubs that are privately owned and not ran via a brewery have had to close down permanently because the owner couldn’t afford to keep the pub or club open due to the fact it’s bringing in no money.”

Strict rules have also been put in place in order to keep people as safe as possible.

“There is a lot of measures in place to keep people safe so it is a safe environment even though it always has been since we’ve had to put the most measurements in place since the start.”

The Government plan to allow people to eat and drink indoors on May 17th.