Manx sepsis charity to close down

Mannin Sepsis founders Dee and John Struthers with director and sepsis survivor Ali Thomas. Credit: Mannin Sepsis

Manx charity Mannin Sepsis has announced they are preparing to close at the end of March this year. 

Following four years of work, founders Dee and John Struthers have decided to close the charity’s doors as they feel they have successfully spread awareness of the infection across the island.

The couple set up the charity in 2016 as part of the Global Sepsis Alliance following their daughter Ann’s death from sepsis, which occurs when the body’s immune system responds to an infection and damages its tissues and organs. 

Both are proud of what they have achieved during the charity’s run. 

Dee said: “Our daughter has raised so much awareness on this island through the loss and we’re so pleased something that’s come out of it is positive rather than dwelling on the past and thinking it’s sad all the time which it can be.” 

John found it difficult continually telling their daughter’s story while still grieving her loss. 

He said: “It took Dee a while after Anne’s death to feel she wanted to do something significant and once we agreed, we had four years of telling our own stories which includes always recapping on the tragedy. 

“That became something that I had to shed so I could get on with my life again, rather than that always being a continual return to that point every time, so I think we felt saturated with that.”
Mannin Sepsis thank their supporters for their donations.

Alison Thomas, one of the directors and a sepsis survivor herself, feels the charity have accomplished their goal. 

She said: “We always said the charity had a shelf life of five years. 

“We’ve done over and above what we initially set out to do, so we thought, what is the need for the community, and do we fit in that need anymore?” 

Mannin Sepsis will close this month, but their website still holds information about sepsis, you can visit it here.