Mother of teenager who dies from cold water shock, campaigns for safety education

The mother of a teenager who died from cold water shock has been campaigning for better water safety to be taught in schools to cover cold water shock and rip currents.

Rebecca Ramsay started the campaign after losing her first born child, Dylan Ramsay who died at Hill Top Quarry in Chorley due to the cold-water shock in 2011.

Cold water shock is the effect one can have after diving in 15 degrees and below water temperature which affects one’s breathing and movement due to blood flow resistance.

Mrs. Ramsay said: “From the day we lost Dylan, I decided that I just wanted to make a difference and I’ve made it my life’s mission, my life’s work to try and educate people about the dangers of open water”.

According to the Royal Life Saving Society in the UK, over 60% of drownings are people who have ended up in the water by accident, so they are normally very close to the edge, but something stops them from being able to get out safely.

Mrs. Ramsay explained: “Cold water shock is the biggest killer on open water.

“Even good lifeguards struggle to find rip currents so it will be good if we could get children and teenagers to understand what they are and how to escape them”.

This is the fourth time Rebecca Ramsay has petitioned but she says the government has not been providing material or moral support to her campaign which would have been essential in bringing people together.